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The Wait for Results Loses Good Hires.

Time flies, they said. It's the speed of light, they said. Clearly, they haven't experienced the endless waiting game for assessment results.

Here's a highly qualified, sought-after candidate, caught in a cosmic time warp, where every tick-tock feels like a millennium. Honestly, there are glaciers that move faster. How many times have you lost a potentially good hire, because of your long and tedious recruitment process; exarcerbated by the time it takes to get the results?

With Pipplet, you can send multiple links to as many candidates as you want. No more scheduling, no more appointments- and candidates can take the assessment at home or wherever convenient.

But wait, there's more! You can get the results within 24 hours; so you can give a job offer in 2 days, whereas most companies take a week or two. In the war for talents, it's all about speed and quality. Both you get with Pipplet.

To sign up or get a FREE trial and discounts, click here:

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