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Welcome to Aleph Talent Solutions

Human Resources- Especially Recruitment is Not for the Weak.

You need to be okay with constant rejections.

Aleph Talent Solutions came to be after our president got so many questions from former clients if she's still recruiting. At that point, she wanted to focus on being an HR generalist. She's had five (5) years of constant bulk and tech hiring; and wanted to sharpen her skills lest she loses them.

The average time to fill a post is thirty-six days and it gets longer for more specialized hiring like tech and management positions. This is what Aleph Talent Solutions wants to fix. We can give you candidates within two (2) days and give you feedback as to where your hiring or retentions efforts went wrong.

Aleph Talent Solutions offers Human Resources Consulting, Training, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Outplacement Services, Payroll and Government Compliance, and Outplacement Services. We can even provide you with market research and data you need to make informed decisions.

Human Resources and Recruitment Need Not Be Painful.

ALEPH TALENT SOLUTIONS CORPORATION can take take care of the backend of the operations so you can focus on revenue generation. CONTACT US NOW.

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