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Every Recruiter's Dream Come True

Life of a recruiter, talent acquisition person, headhunter, etc. is no joke. It's dealing with rejection on daily basis- from when you wake up to when you fall asleep. Depending when the candidate or client/partner decides to send you a message.

My husband often jokes that I should just start working later in the day, so I get rejected much later; and I don't feel bad too early in the day. He's pretty smart... 😂 😂 😂

You see, I am no longer in my 20s and I don't think I can take heart-attack inducing things too often anymore. Hence, I'm always on the lookout for recruitment technologies that will make my life so much easier. Believe me, I've gone through soooo many.

Data shows that it takes an average of 42 days to hire for a certain position and a due to inefficiency and lots of back and forth, companies tend to have a 36-day hiring process on average.

Recruiters have to post on multiple sites and spend at least 13 hours to source for one position. On top of that, language assessment takes a while to complete and get the results of. The inefficiency of most recruitment processes lies in the waiting, lots of waiting.

This is why I would like to show you better ways of doing things.

I would like to introduce Manatal, an AI recruitment software designed to source and hire better candidates faster; and

You might also want to consider Pipplet, a fast, convenient, reliable, and fraud-proof assessment tool that allows you to test for 40% languages and get the results within 24 hours.

You know what’s awesome? You can integrate both apps to come up with a process that candidates would gladly talk to their friends about- MORE REFERRALS!

To know more about, sign up for a FREE TRIAL, and get discounts, you may check;

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